Home Remedies For Sinus

Best Home Remedies For Sinus Treatment

Chronic sinusitis is an ailment that is hard to live with. Sometimes it is so severe that it can prevent you from doing anything. For the time being, oral drug medications recommend only temporary relief with the condition coming back after a few days. Natural cures and home remedies are helpful over this for controlling the condition.

Ayurved and home remedies for sinus treatment

The normal sinuses treatment will last for only about five to ten days, but if the symptoms persist, then there are some complexity which wants to be concentrate on by an Ayurvedic doctor. There is a number of home remedy for sinus treatments obtainable for this, both medical and natural, but it is still up to the suggestion of the general practitioner as to what treatment to follow. The sinus treatment in Ayurveda plays a key role. Ayurveda medicines have been playing a great role in the history of Indian Medicine since 5000 years. Slowly, it is gaining rapid popularity on the globe. So, without spending heavy money for sinus treatment, you can opt ayurvadic medicine for avoiding the problem of sinus which will provide great relief.

Home Remedies for Sinus

  • Home remedies for sinusitis demands you to give up eating or drinking dairy products until the problem is fully resolved. Here are a few remedies.
  • Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in one glass of lukewarm water. Slowly sip it until the glass is empty. Repeat this remedy once daily for 1 week. Soon you will notice that your sinus track is open and you will feel lighter and easier to breathe.
  • Boil water with basil (tulsi) and inhale its water vapor 5-6 times each day. Repeat this remedy preferably in the morning for a long-lasting relief throughout the day.
  • Deep breathing exercises prescribed in Yoga helps, as it opens the sinusitis points and eases breathing.
  • For successful home remedy for sinus, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) consumption helps to keep sinus infection in control. As per the ayurvedic medicine for sinus, vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin C are orange, grapefruit, lime, and lemon.
  • Eating spicy foods like mustard, hot peppers, and curry helps as it clears the congestion in the sinus passage.
  • Make tablets of ginger and honey and consume them twice a day. Mix ginger powder with honey or jaggery to make tablets weighing 5 grams each. It would clear the blocked sinus passage and offer relief instantly.

For curing sinusitis, the harmless and best therapy is recommended home remedies for sinus and ayurvedic treatment for sinus.

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