Home Remedies for Hernia

Role of Fruits and Vegetables in Home Remedies for Hernia

Hernia is a medical condition that arises when a part of the stomach or intestine is pushed out of its cavity. The common symptoms associated with this medical condition are pain in the groin area, chest, and abdomen. Even though seeking professional help is very essential, you can try a few home remedies for hernia, which would help you ease the discomfort and reduce some of the persisting symptoms. You can try this at home, as pain might occur at any time of the day and finding a physician during wee hours of night would be a tedious task.

Some Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hernia

Different types of fruits and nuts

Eating a lot of fruits, such as apples, pears, avocados and different types of grains, beans are helpful in reducing the hernia pain. Nuts are effective as this will ease out the pain and reduce the symptoms of hernia.

A diet of ripe banana, rice, and yogurt

Consuming ripe banana and rice as a part of diet would also help you to safeguard against the disease, as they are excellent home remedies for hernia. Try to include yoghurt in your diet regime as it has an ability to reduce the stomach acids.

Drink raw juices

Home remedies for hernia suggests drinking raw juices of vegetables and fruits as it helps in treating the hernia. Consume this mixed juice before half an hour you start eating every meal. You can also consume carrot juice as it is highly rich in vitamins and calcium and restores the health condition of your body.

Aloe Vera juice

Consume aloe Vera juice of ΒΌ cup every morning and night as it helps in eliminating the symptoms of hernia. This would calm down all the gastro centric problems of hernia such as heart burn, stomach upset and ulcers. Thus aloe vera is best ayurvedic medicine for hernia.

Effective home remedies for hernia

You can also try home remedies for hernia such as performing a massage with essential oils enriched with medicinal properties to curb inflammation and pain in the area affected. You can also perform or practice yoga that will help this disease. Massage and Yoga can be consider best hernia ayurvedic treatment.

You can also control the pain by applying an ice bag. Never indulge in over tiring activities. Never wear too fitting clothes especially on your chest and abdomen. Always make sure that you wear loose clothes in all seasons to avoid too much pressure on stomach. You can also avoid this condition by eating very small and frequent meals by avoiding large meals. You must also remember never to lie down immediately after eating or bending while eating.

A slight change in your lifestyle is the most effective hernia home remedies, it would greatly decease discomfort and pain. Try effective methods to lose weight, as it would also help to offer a huge relief.

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