Home Remedies for Depression

Depression is an emotionally disturbed state of mind, where the affected person does not feel happy, excited and interested about life. Always grief and frustration marks their personality. They lose hope for new and better things in life. Depression may arise due to unfulfilled desires, inability to adjust to the current living condition, or perhaps failing to achieve ambitions in life. It is not a physiological condition, but an abnormal psychological state. However, it should not be meant that the person is mentally imbalanced. Chemical based medicines may give momentary relief, but generally home remedies for depression prove to be better and offer good results.

Natural Home Remedies for Depression

An emotionally disturbed mind may get habitual to allopathic medicines, and if not taken regularly can worsen the condition. However, natural and simpler methods such as Ayurvedic treatment for depression should be availed.

  1. Boil fresh petals of Rose flower about 4 to 5 in 11/2 cup water. Reduce it to 1 cup, mix it with honey and drink it. It is an effective and easy home remedies for depression.
  1. Massage your head with Til ka tel (sesame oil) for 5 minutes daily. Aroma oils also helps. Ayurvedic head massage with herbal oil is very effective.
  1. 1 teaspoon of pumpkin seeds grounded and mixed with warm milk if taken daily is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for depression.
  1. One teaspoon of Ashwagandha along with One teaspoon of Brahmi powder when taken twice a day cures depression naturally. Brahmi is a known herb for centuries to address issue related to brain and emotions. Ashwagandha provides mental strength.
  1. Socializing helps! You can share your fears and beliefs with people of your liking. Try to get involved with work, hobby or simply take a walk in the garden or park for curing depression. Listen to soft, classical music or anything that makes one feel good.Discuss problems with a friend or close relative to ease out the frustrations. It is a disease of mind and the patient must take initiatives to cure oneself. No external Ayurvedic medicine for depression alone can ever help. Go on short vacations. Change of place will help uplifting the mood. Read comic books, watch comedy films and shows.
  1. Including omega fatty acids, magnesium, Vitamin B and folic acids in diet can help. Sour cherries, flax seed oil, eggs, green tea, coconut oil are helpful.

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