Home Remedies for Cough and Cold

Cough and Cold can make one person feel utterly uncomfortable and generally happens during change of season. Viral influences can also be the cause. Body temperature increases, headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, body pain and coughing continuously can be spotted. It is also the most commonly witnessed health issue people suffer from.

It is not good to intake chemicals in the form of medicines for minor heath issues like coughs and sometimes taking high power medicines may compound the problems even more. Therefore, home remedies for cough and cold are best suited to its sufferers as effective results can be found without any harm to general health. On the top of it the cough and cold home remedies do not weaken the person availing if its benefits.

Some of the best available Ayurvedic treatment for cough and cold are highlighted below which will facilitate the readers get some fair idea of readily available tips of how to cure cough and cold at home.

Home Remedy for Cold and Cough

  • Inhaling steam vapor of boiled water mixed with a few drops of essential oils like Tea Tree oil or Eucalyptus oil can be very effective. It will free the blockages of your nasal congestion situation and can also help soothing the heaviness felt inside head during such time.
  • Sipping Tulsi Tea can be very suitable and helpful for soothing the sore throat and also effective in bringing out the mucus that causes your chest to feel heavy from inside. Boil 10-12 cleaned tulsi leaves, chopped ginger, black pepper and sip it like tea. One can strain the residual, but it will be better to chew it along with the liquid. Children of any age can be given this. No side effects at all. Similarly Thyme tea can also be prepared.
  • Generally cough syrups bought from shops make one feel drowsy. You can make your own syrup like Ginger Honey syrup where, one requires boiling 4 cups of water along with ginger till it gets 1 cup and then add 1 cup of honey. This syrup is a very efficient Ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold.
  • Drinking plain lukewarm water can improve common cold and cough situation along with sore throat.
  • Boil some honey till it gets thin and then add pinch of cinnamon and lemon. Use this syrup to fight cold and cough.
  • Amla juice can be taken as it is loaded with Vitamin C which will strengthen immunity power and eventually help defeating this heath issue.
  • Sauté a few garlic cloves in ghee and consume this when warm to cure cold and cough condition.

These are the safest Ayurvedic home remedies for cough and cold for all.

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    Ayurvedic treatment for cough and cold provided in this article is very useful. So many options are there to cure cough. thank you.


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