Home Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis or Rheumatism specifically suggests sensation of acute pain in muscles and joints of legs. Intense pain can be felt around the areas and while trying to sit or standing up after sitting for quite a time, the pain can be felt sharply. This generally happens when the fluid secreted by knee joints called ‘Synovia’ whose main task is to keep the joints lubricated, stops getting secreted. This results in friction of knee joints and bones.

This generally happens in aged people, but today even young people have started developing this medical condition. Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis can be taken help of to find satisfying results. The condition cannot be cured but controlled. However, exercises shown by a physiotherapist should not be ignored in any case.

Effective Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis

Available and effective Ayurvedic medicine for arthritis is as follow-:

  1. Powder Nishinda leaves (7-8) and mix it with paste of 2-3 cloves of garlic and consume it with ghee, once daily. The quantity of Ghee has to be taken using common sense.
  1. Extract juice from 10 grams of Gulancha leaves and mix it with 1 cup of water and then add half cup of milk. Have it both in the morning and evening time each day.
  1. Mix Ghee with Camphor and massage it on the affected parts for relief. First warm the ghee and add camphor, cool the mixture and apply it on the affected area. Camphor should be 50% of the ghee’s quantity. It is a good natural treatment for arthritis.
  1. Powder of Fenugreek seeds about ½ gram should be taken with water twice a day. Also you can mix the powder in pure and warm mustard oil, daily massage this mixture on the affected parts of the body for immediate relief from pain.
  1. Hydrotherapy, Oil massage therapy, Exercises shown by a reputed physiotherapist should also be considered.
  1. Avoid having oily food, sweet items and dairy items much. Toned milk needs to be included in the diet as advised by Ayurveda for arthritis.
  1. Soup made of green Lentil along with a few cloves of garlic if taken daily can help reduce inflammation.
  1. Mix equal amount of Fenugreek+ Turmeric+ Ginger powder and keep them in an air tight container. Take 1 teaspoon from this mixture daily morning and evening.

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