Pomegranate Health Benefits

Top Health Benefits of Pomogranate

Pomegranate Benefits And The Importance Of Consuming The Fruit

Pomegranate has been enjoyed for several years. Although it is often an overlooked fruit because it is expensive and difficult to eat, yet the pomegranate benefits are innumerable. The nutrition enriched fruit comes with a unique flavor and taste. It belongs to the category of super fruits

Nutritional Breakdown of Pomegranate:

It contains a notable amount of vitamins C and K, which is essential for the body in different ways. The impressive antioxidant levels are also the enriching benefits of pomegranate.

The fruit is moderate in calories and offer 83 calories in every 100 gram.

It is also a source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers.

It contains compounds like Granatin B found abundantly in the juice. It even contains potassium, folate and protein.

Top Health Benefits of Pomegranate:

Some of the notable health benefits of pomegranate are as follows-

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects- Pomegranate offers relief from chronic inflammation because of the anti-oxidant properties. Inflammatory activities in the digestive tract are greatly reduced. 250 ml of juice per day can low inflammatory markers.
  • Rich in Antioxidants- The benefits of pomegranate juice include powerful antioxidants, which are three times more the antioxidant activities of red wine and green tea.
  • Fights Prostate and Breast Cancer- The extracts of the fruit can slow down the reproduction of cancer cells in prostates and breasts. 237 ml of juice per day can increase the protection level from cancer.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure- Since high blood pressure is the leading cause strokes and heart attacks, studies are conducted to find the pomegranate juice health benefits in controlling blood pressure. Consuming 150 ml of juice daily can reduce the risks.
  • Fighting Against Joint Pain and Arthritis- Inflammation of the joints can certainly be reduced with pomegranate because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The extracts can block enzymes and prevent joint damages and pain.
  • Lowers Heart Diseases- Punicic acid is the major fatty acid in the fruit and it offers major protection in the heart diseases. People with high cholesterol levels can also experience benefits of eating pomegranate. 800 mg of seed oil can improve the level of triglyceride.
  • Treating Erectile Dysfunction- The juice can increase the blood flow and erectile functions. It can even control oxidative damage in all the areas of the body.
  • Fighting Against Infections- A great benefit of pomegranate is that it fights off harmful microorganisms. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects protecting infections and inflammations in the mouth.
  • Improves Memory- 2 grams of the fruit extract can prevent deficit in the memory after surgery. Moreover, the juice can also improve visual memory.
  • Improves Exercise Performance- One of the enticing benefits of pomegranate fruit is that being rich in dietary nitrates, it improves the level of performance in any workout.

It is one of the most extensively cultivated fruit for juice, food, flavor and color. The fruit can be eaten without adding anything. It can also be an excellent salad dressing. Extracts and powders are also available. Eat in any form to experience pomegranate health benefits and overcome different illnesses.

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