Fennel Seeds Health Benefits

Utility Of Fennel Seeds Benefits For The Body

Fennel seeds have been using for long for its rich aroma and the flavour that it provides to food. It has been a staple item in Indian households since ancient times and provides a lot of benefits that is truly appreciable in all accounts. It is important to note that fennel seeds benefits are many, and it provides excellent medicinal as well as nutritional value in all aspects. There is presence of critical elements in fennel seeds that makes it a necessary ingredient in all households. The best part of fennel benefits is that it provides an excellent freshness to the body and mind in all aspects. It has immense value proposition on offer for every individual who knows to use it in the best manner possible.

Nutritional value of fennel seeds

The biggest attribute of fennel seeds is that it is very low in sodium as well as saturated fat that makes it an excellent health item in all accounts. It also possesses essential elements that suit the body as well as helps in the proper functioning of the cells and organs in the presence of phosphorus, potassium as well as copper that are critical elements. It also possesses essential dietary fibres as well as magnesium and manganese with calcium as well as iron.

Health benefits of fennel seeds

  •  Helps in bad breath reduction: The stale smell of mouth can be reduced with benefits of fennel that has antimicrobial properties to help in reduction of bad breath of mouth.
  • Aids in digestion: Fennel seeds are excellent in enhancing the digestive process and has the presence of carminative properties that helps in reduction of bloating in the body.
  • Reduced water content: Fennel seeds are an excellent resource to keep the body fresh and reduce the water content of the body and flushes in out with the toxic materials.
  • Helps in reducing obesity: Fennel can be an excellent accomplice for obesity problems as having it suppresses craving for food creating a feeling of full appetite.
  • Utility in Cancer: Fennel seeds have excellent benefits in stopping colon cancer by removing carcinogenic toxins from the body.
  • Regularizes menstrual cycle: fennel seeds have immense benefits for women who suffer from irregular cycles during menstruation and regularizes it completely.
  • Treating Bowel problems: There are immense health benefits of fennel seeds as its regular use can help in reducing constipation problems completely.
  • Reduces acidity: As it has carminative properties, Fennel seeds can greatly reduce problems of acidity and heartburns greatly in a comprehensive manner.
  • Great during stomach ache: Fennel seeds can be a great companion for stomach ache as its regular use can reduce any stomach irregularities.
  • Great for respiratory illness: The presence of antimicrobial properties make fennel seeds an excellent element for treating respiratory congestion as well as problems with a cough and cold in a great manner. It has immense effects on eye health as well and makes it better with regular use.

Fennel can be taken with tea or water for best results.

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