Health Benefits of Dates

Top Health Benefits of Dates

Understanding the Innumerable Health Benefits Of Dates

The sweet and delicious fruit date hails from tropical oasis brims with much required minerals and energy for staying healthy and fit. These fruits grow on the palm tree. The tree is grown extensively for its edible and benefit of dates in different places. Several varieties of the fruit are cultivated now.

Nutritional Breakdown Of Dates:

Dates contain very low amount of fat and are completely free from cholesterol. It boosts energy level and pacifies hunger.

It boosts the potassium intake of the body because a cup of chopped dates contains 964 mg of potassium.

The health benefits of dates also include source of magnesium and other nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamins and iron.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Dates:

It is time to look at the amazing dates benefits.

  • Promotes Digestive Health- Dates are rich in dietary fibers, which can aid in the process of digestion. This can promote colon health and ensure regular bowel movement. The gastrointestinal system can also make the colon work efficiently.
  • Boosts Heart Health- The dates health benefits include boosting the health of the heart because of the presence of fiber in it.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure Levels- Thepresence of magnesium can lower blood pressure. Since the heart works properly with the aid of several minerals, the blood pressure remains under control. The chances of strokes are also reduced.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties- The inflammatory indicators in the body like TNF, CRP and IL6 can be reduced as one of the major benefits of dates. Inflammation in the arterial walls can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which can be relieved with dates.
  • Healthy Pregnancy- The fruits create a great impact on labor and delivery outcomes. It reduces the need for augmentation of labor.
  • Improves Bone Strength- The varieties of minerals found in dates make it a super food for bones. The benefits of dry dates include fighting off the painful conditions of osteoarthritis.
  • Preventing Intestinal Disorders- The nicotine content in dates is highly beneficial for curing different intestinal disorders. It inhibits the growth of pathological organisms and stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines.
  • Keeps Anemia Under Control- The high iron and other mineral content in date is beneficial for many health conditions including anemia. The benefits of dates with milk ensure that increases strength and energy along with decreasing the feeling of fatigue in anemic patients.
  • Reducing Allergic Reactions- Dates have a significant impact in reducing allergic reactions and seasonal allergies. The presence of organic sulfur can even have a positive impact on the people suffering from seasonal allergic rhinitis.
  • Prevents Weight Gain- One of the major dry dates health benefits is that it should be included as part of a healthy diet. If consumed with cucumber paste, it can keep weight under control.

The massive benefits of eating dates make people consume it in different ways. The paste can be mixed with milk, yoghurt and spread over bread. Breaking fast by eating dates also avoids overeating of foods. It can be even be eaten as a whole fruit.

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