Coriander Seeds Health benefits

Utilize Coriander Seeds Benefits For Proper Health

Coriander seeds also known as Dhania is a customary item in Indian household since ancient times. It is known to be a great accomplice and provides excellent garnishing to curries as well as soups of Indian origins. However, there are other coriander seeds benefits as well that helps in proper functioning of the body as well as helps as a medicine. It is important to note that benefits of coriander seeds are manifold and medical science today recognizes it to be an essential item for regular use that keeps the body immune as well as healthy in all aspects. It is true that coriander seeds have amazing results if they are used properly and consumed in order to provide great health benefits of all kinds.

Nutritional value of coriander seeds

The biggest asset is coriander seeds is an essential resource of potassium, iron as Vitamin K and folic acid as well. It also possesses essential elements of Vitamin A as well as C and also possesses calcium as well as magnesium in it. It is important to note that all these attributes makes coriander seeds full of medicinal value and provides multiple health benefits to individuals who use it on a daily basis in their healthy diet routine.

Health benefits of coriander seeds

  • Helps in digestion: There are multiple uses of coriander seeds that helps and aids in the digestive process due to the antioxidant properties that helps in proper functioning of the liver as well as kidney and clearing of the bowels in the right order.
  • Good for skin: As coriander seeds are a rich resource of vitamin c, it provides great soothing to skin issues and is great for it in all accounts. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in proper functioning of the body as well.
  • Helps to prevent diabetes: Coriander seeds helps in proper controlling of blood sugar levels by producing insulin that helps in preventing diabetes.
  • Helps in bacterial diseases: Coriander seeds are a great relief in food diseases like cholera as well as dysentery and typhoid with the antibacterial properties helping in prevention of this diseases.
  • Prevention of anaemia: The availability of iron and essential vitamins make coriander seed an excellent antidote for treatment of anaemia especially in women.
  • Detoxifies body: The presence of metal elements like arsenic as well as lead or mercury can be detrimental to the body causing serious diseases. It can be treated with coriander seeds health benefits that has natural elements to detoxify it in all aspects.
  • Treating eye illness: Common problems like itchiness, redness or conjunctivitis can be treated greatly with coriander seeds in a comprehensive manner.
  • Treating menstrual irregularities: Coriander seeds benefits during periods or irregular menstrual cycles making it smooth and regular.
  • Treating pimples: The anti-bacterial properties help in prevention of pimples greatly with coriander seeds. It is great for overall skin as well and provides essential elements to it.
  • Prevents hair fall: If coriander seeds are applied with oil to hair, it reduces hair loss and helps in proper growth.

It can be used with regular food or oil and also applied as a paste or powder.

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