Clove Health Benefits

Get The Clove Benefits For Staying Healthy

Cloves for long has been one of the essential spices that has been in use in Indian kitchens since ancient times. It has tremendous significance and attributes on health as well. There are multiple clove benefits that provide enough fodder to the body to keep it safe and sound. It is important to note in this regard that benefits of clove are now well regarded by medical science, and there is rampant use of clove in different medicines, ointments as well as toothpaste. However, there are a lot of benefits that is associated with clove that we all are not aware of in a comprehensive manner. The anti fungal, as well as antiseptic properties, provide a lot of impetus to the body and its immunity in a great manner.

Nutritional value of clove

The biggest attribute of clove is that it is significantly low in cholesterol and can well be considered to be an excellent source for Vitamin E as well. It also possesses essential extracts of Calcium as well as iron and Vitamin C and K as well. There is also the presence of essential elements like manganese as well as magnesium in it and dietary fibre that provides essential nutrients to the body.

Health benefits of clove

  • Helps in toothaches: There are immense health benefits of clove that provides relief from a toothache with its analgesic as well as inflammatory properties that help in the soothing of swelled tooth and the antiseptic component prevents further infection.
  • Prevents bad breath: As clove has antibacterial properties, it can be used greatly to reduce bad breath and foul smell in the mouth completely.
  • Stops nausea as well as vomiting: There are a lot of health benefits of clove that provide rich aroma preventing vomiting tendency as well as nausea especially during pregnancy or sickness.
  • Helps in digestion: As clove has the presence of carminative properties, it has great significance in improving any digestion disorders and improves the consumption in a proper manner.
  • Relieves pain in joints: Clove has inflammatory as well as analgesic properties that can be applied to joint pain as well as muscle pain and other diseases like arthritis as well.
  • Improves respiration: The antibacterial and inflammatory content helps us get relief from infection and congestion in respiration in a great way. Clove oil, as well as clove, can be considered to be an excellent medicine for a cough and cold and also is great for treatment of asthmatic conditions as well as sinus problems. It can be a great antidote for blocked nose as well as a sore throat.
  • Gets rid of stomach disorders: Problems like flatulence as well as acidity can be treated wonderfully by clove as it has properties that help in disintegration and secretion of enzymes in the proper manner.
  • A protective agent for lung cancer: Clove is also considered by many as a chemo protective agent for lung cancer as well.
  • Strengthening your bones: The calcium, as well as fatty acids and iron, helps in giving strength to the bones and muscles in a great manner.
  • Relieves stress: Another important benefit of clove is that its aroma helps in reduction of stress.

It can be taken with water as well as honey or as clove oil for regular use.

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