Health Benefits Of Carrots

Health Benefits Of Carrots

Health Benefits Of Carrots Are Recognized Since Ancient Times

Carrots are so popularly available all over the world that it is easy to overlook the benefits of eating carrot. Since the ancient times, these vegetables are known for their medicinal properties. Regardless of how you eat carrots, you will get the supply of essential vitamins and minerals in your body.

Nutritional Breakdown of Carrot:

  • A serving of carrot offers about 210% of vitamin A, 10% of vitamin K, 2% of calcium and 6% of vitamin C.
  • Apart from that, carrot benefits include the minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, folate, molybdenum and dietary fiber.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Carrots:

Noted below are some of the top health benefits of carrots. Take a look.

  • Prevents heart diseases- Eating more carrots means lower risk of coronary heart disease. Even the chances of heart attacks in women are reduced.
  • Improves vision- Deficiency in vitamin can lead to several visionary problems. Eating foods rich in beta carotene can improve vision and this is one of the important carrot health benefits.It can even prevent the eyes from undergoing macular degeneration.
  • Promotes brain health- The extract of carrot can be helpful in the management of cognitive dysfunctions. One of the carrot juice benefits is improvement in memory power and concentration.
  • Protects the liver- Carrot extracts might even protect your liver from the toxic impacts of environmental chemicals. This is one of the major benefits of carrot juice that you should not overlook.
  • Properties of anti-inflammation- Carrot comprises of anti-inflammatory properties and can give relief from inflammatory pain and conditions. It is better than medicines likes Ibuprofen, aspirin and celebrex.
  • Protection against cancer- Consuming high level of carotenoids can be protective against cancer. This benefit of carrot juice is well researched. The antioxidants can fight leukemia cells and reduce the risk of some of the widespread forms of cancers.
  • Maintaining oral health- The nutrients available in carrots boosts immunity. It fights off bacteria and toxins that enter through the mouth. Minerals can be antibacterial and prevent cavities and tooth decay.
  • Good for the skin- Many people are not aware of carrot benefits for skin. The presence of betacarotene can heal wounds. It can cure skin infection, cuts and other wounds and promotes faster healing. It can even fight noticeable signs of skin inflammation.
  • Aids in digestion- The health benefits of carrot juice also include digestion. It contains fiber that is essential for maintaining a good digestive health. It adds to the stool bulk and enables food to pass smoothly through the digestive tracts for faster digestion.
  • Immune booster- Carrots often act as a great immune booster because of its antiseptic and antibacterial abilities. Carrots are also rich in vitamin C that stimulates the activity of white blood cells and boosts immune system.

Carrots can be consumed raw or cooked. It can be eaten as a snack with dips or can be added to stews and soups. Many of the properties and health benefits of carrot are retained even after cooking. Apart from that, it can be used in desserts, cakes and consumed as juice.

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