Bay Leaf Health Benefits

Revamp Your Health With Bay Leaf Benefits

Bay leaf is a leaf that evokes aroma in cooked dishes, especially of Indian origins. It has been in use for years in Indian household for exhibiting fragrance and giving it a delightful perfume. It is important to note that bay leaf benefits are multiple and have a lot of medicinal value in all accounts. There are several uses of bay leaf and the most prolific is the bay leaf oil that is an extract and is used to treat a lot of critical ailments with full proportions. It can be used as a perfect everyday item for boosting up your physical health and also making food tasty and a treat in all aspects.

Nutritional Asset of Bay Leaf

The greatest attribute that bay leaf provides is that it is very low in Sodium as well as Cholesterol. It is also heralded to be a great source of Folate as well. Considered to have essential elements of dietary fibre, it provides an excellent combination of the essential vitamins and minerals as well. The most important will be Vitamin A as well as Vitamin C. It has essential content of Calcium, Iron as well as Manganese in it.

Multiple health benefits of Bay Leaf

  • Treating Diabetes: The benefits of bay leaf can be implemented in type 2 diabetes that can cause a reduction in sugar levels if consumed for 30 days by powdering it. It will be a significant reduction in blood glucose and cholesterol.
  • Excellent for digestion: Some common digestive disorders like heartburn and flatulence can be treated greatly by bay leafs. Drinking bay leaf tea with hot water can help constipation problems.
  • Benefits to cardiovascular diseases: There is presence of phytonutrients with indian bay leaf that provides effective protection against heart attacks and strokes. It is a great relief for heart disease and anxiety.
  • Flu and cold treatments: Bay leafs can serve as a great accomplice to treat flu and cold and cough issues and respiratory problems by boiling water with two or three bay leafs and applying it on a towel and placing it over the chest.
  • Healing wounds: A paste of bay leaf or wash can be a great resource for healing wounds in a great manner.
  • Stopping infection secretions: The astringent values of bay leaf serves as an excellent benefit to stop secretions during any infections.
  • Stops excessive sweat during illness: Bay leaf serves as an excellent companion for resolving sweat problems during illness.
  • Treating pain: The health benefits of bay leaf can be applied to pain and headaches and also is an excellent companion for treating arthritis pain with bay leaf oil.
  • Resolves problems of liver and kidney: Bay leaf Can be used on a daily basis to resolve any problems or accumulation removal in kidney and liver. It can be used with warm water or a bay leaf tea can be an excellent idea.
  • Breaks fever: Bay leaf intake can increase sweating during fever and influenza and can lower down temperature greatly.

During illness, bay leaf can be taken with warm water or even powdered to mix it with tea

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