Asafoetida Health Benefits

Asafoetida is a gum of latex that is extracted from a perennial plant. It provides multiple health benefits that cure individuals from ailments. Asafoetida in hindi is called Hing, and it is a daily used ingredient in almost every Indian household as a spice. Apart from being a great addition to your cooking, hing benefits are a lot more diverse in our everyday lives. It is precisely for this reason that many concerned individuals and even unconventional medical practioners recommend the use of asafoetida for curing some regular illness in a comprehensive manner with full propriety. It is important to note that asafoetida now has become a herbal utility ingredient to resolving some critical illness in all aspects.

Nutritional Content of Asafoetida

Asafoetida provides several nutritional value that helps us with essential elements for our healthy living. It provides energy of 297 Ecals and also protein value worth 4 gm. There is a mineral content of 7 gm as well as carbohydrate and calcium of 68 gm and 690 mg respectively. It also provides iron value worth 39 mg and phosphorus and fat of about 50 mg and 1 gm. It also has the fibre of 4 gm as well and offers excellent value.

Health Benefits of Asafoetida

There are several benefits of asafoetida that can be detailed in a comprehensive manner. However, to mention a few will be

  • Curing stomach irregularities: Asafoetida is an excellent cure for gas disorders as well as digestive problems that individuals face from time to time. It helps in expelling problems of the wind in a great way.
  • Treating bites and stings: It is true that asafoetida benefits are great for any bites and stings that you might suffer from wasps and bees. It can apply as a paste to heal the bitten area, and the results can be amazing.
  • Aching ears treatment: Asafoetida can be a great medicine for ear infections and ache that you may suffer. It can be used with coconut oil after melting it in a pan with warm coconut oil that is applied after room temperature is attained insode the ear.
  • Pain during menstrual cycles: Asafoetida is given after frying it with milk to women who suffer from pain during menstrual cycles. It possesses special chemicals that make blood flow smooth.
  • Treating babies: There are immense benefits of hing for young babies, and if they are suffering from stomach ache or gas, paste over the tummy can work wonders for them in no time.
  • Great for aching tooth: Asafoetida can be a great accomplice for treating toothaches. It can be applied by making a juice of a lemon and mixing a paste of hing to the applied tooth.
  • Treatment for pimples: Permanent scars and spots from pimples can be cured using asafoetida with water.
  • Treating blemishes in skin: Applying a paste of asafoetida with yogurt can help rejuvenating the skin from spots and blemishes.
  • Treatment for a cough: A paste of asafoetida with water can be great in relieving cough problems.
  • Excellent as mouthwash: Asafoetida along with cloves can be an excellent way for mouth rinse.

To get the best health benefits of asafoetida, it should be either fried or made a paste for getting best results.

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