Health Benefits of Almonds

Top Health Benefits of Almonds

Understanding Almond Benefits For Its Overall Good Impact

The delicately flavored and versatile nut, almond is well known as a healthy addition to any sweet or savory dish. Fresh almonds are available during the summer, and packed almonds are available round the year. Technically, it is the seed of the almond tree and there are loads of almond benefits for humans.

Nutritional Breakdown of Almonds:

Almonds are packed with vitamins, protein, fiber, minerals and are associated with several almonds benefits.

A handful of almonds contains one eighth of the daily essential protein.

The kernels are among the richest sources of nutrients required for optimum health.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Almonds:

There are some amazing benefits of almonds.

  • Wards off Cholesterol- Soaked almonds benefits the intake of vitamin E in the plasma and red blood cells thereby lowering cholesterol levels. Moreover, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage.
  • Prevents Risks of Cancer- Almond consumption can reduce the risk of colon cancer. The movement of food through colon prevents the buildup in the colon.
  • Skin Care- The benefits of almond oil are effective in the skin. Almond oil massages are recommended for newborn babies. Some soap also have almond oil providing almond benefits for skin by improving complexion and smoothness.
  • Strength to the Immune System- These are great sources of alkali materials that boosts the strength of immune system. It can thus increase the ability to keep diseases at bay.
  • Ideal for Pregnancy- Almonds are rich in folic acid that reduces the incidence of birth defects. The health benefits of almonds also include stimulating healthy cell growth and tissue formation. Thus, mothers and babies can stay healthy and safe.
  • Aiding in Weight Loss- Unsweetened almond milk contains unsaturated fat that satisfies the appetite and prevents overeating. Moreover, the dietary fiber also creates a fuller sensation for longer. It is even ideal for body builders and athletes.
  • Protection from Diabetes- The benefits of eating almonds ensure that the level of glucose and insulin in the blood is kept under control. It regulates the absorption and processing of glucose making the process smoother and safer.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties- Almonds contain important fatty acids that reduce inflammation all over the body. The level of blood cholesterol can also be controlled with almonds health benefits.
  • Promotes Bone Health- Regular consumption of almonds can offer vitamins and minerals to the body along with phosphorus. This in turn can have a considerable impact on the durability and strength of the bones.
  • Improves Hair- The almond benefits for hair are also significant. Daily intake of 2-3 almonds can boost hair growth and productivity. Apart from that massaging almond oil in the scalp can bring shine and volume to the hair.

Almonds can be taken raw or roasted. They are even used as ingredients in several dishes. They can be consumed as sliced, flaked, flour, butter, oil and milk. Thus, almond health benefits can give relief to lots of health conditions. It is also recommended to massage with the oil for experiencing almond oil benefits.

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