Ajwain Health Benefits

Ajwain Health Benefits

The Best 10 Must-Know Health Benefits Of Ajwain For You

As one of the most popular herbs, Ajwain finds application in almost every Indian kitchen. Commonly referred to as bishop’s weed or carom seeds, this particular item happens to offer unique medicinal value. Some of the greatest ajwain health benefits include treatments for stomach ache, cough and cold, asthma, influenza and even cardiac problems. Moreover, from the seeds of the flowers, each and every part of the Ajwain plant happens to be useful.

The Nutritional Breakdown of Ajwain

For a better understanding of health benefits of ajwain, you need to know its nutritional content. Take 100 grams of ajwain and look for 305 calories along with 39 grams of dietary fiber. The total fat content is 25 grams with polyunsaturated fat accounting for the most of it. Apart from that, the carbohydrate content in 100 grams of Ajwain is almost 43 grams along with 10mg of sodium.

Amazing health benefits of Ajwain

Breeze through the following points for some effective information on ajwain health benefits.

  • Treating stomach aches: With little traces of alcohol, Ajwain offers the perfect help in curing severe stomach aches. Additionally, those suffering from chronic indigestion can choose to take 1 teaspoon of Ajwain, on a regular basis. Other than that, taking it with lukewarm water will offer the best carom seeds benefits.
  • Effective cure or cold: Having 2 grams of fried Ajwain over a period of 15 to 20 days can prove to be highly beneficial for treating migraine and cough and cold. It happens to be one of the major health benefits of ajwain.
  • Cure for Asthma: Making a paste of jiggery and Ajwain will be of great use in treating asthma. But, getting the best carom seeds health benefits is only possible after you burn the entire mixture and inhale the smoke.
  • Promotes weight loss: By hastening your body’s bowel movements, Ajwain effectively promotes weight loss. One of the significant benefits of ajwain for weight loss is its laxative constituents and stimulating properties.
  • Helps to fight obesity: Thanks to the appetite revitalizing property of Ajwain for ensuring weigh loss benefits. Additionally, the health benefits of ajwain for weight loss also include an effective treatment for obesity.
  • Supports the fetus: Apart from the ones mentioned above, you will also discover ajwain benefits in pregnancy. By strengthening the uterus walls, these tiny seeds offer great support to the fetus and the expecting mother.
  • Mitigating Hyper Acidity: Regular consumption of ajwain over 10 to 15 days will help you find an escape route from hyper acidity. As one of the major health benefits of carom seeds include the presence of anti-acidic properties in it, having it on a regular basis will prove to be highly beneficial for those suffering from acidity.
  • Dissolving kidney stones: Prepare a mixture of honey, vinegar, and Ajwain seeds and consume them continuously for a fortnight. It will effectively dissolve kidney stones if any and pass through urine.
  • Best treatment for cholera: One the most significant carom seed benefits include minimizing the effect of intestinal infection or threadworms. And this is the reason for Ajwain qualifying as the best treatment for cholera patients.
  • Treating nausea: Taking ajwain seeds with approximately four tablespoons of betel leaf juice will offer the most effective treatment for Diabetes Mellitus.

Finally, there are also some astounding health benefits of ajwain water that includes the removal of nausea by taking the Ajwain water vapor.

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